This study has developed the concepts of authenticity and individualism, noting that a significant entity emerges when the two elements come together as Authentic Individualism.

 “This is not merely the sum of these two parts. It is more than the alchemy of two entities, more than the union of the basic tenets of each. It incorporates the extremes of both individual quality and the element of authenticity within a framework that transcends their singularity.  It is claimed here that Authentic Individualism is at the heart of Christian faith and practice, and that it embraces the concepts of the dignity of the human person and the reciprocal respect and love each person owes to others.  These form its defining and necessary essence that not only applies to our material existence but also transcends it.” 

(Chapter 4 From Love’s Shining Circle.)

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From Love's Shining Circle

Towards a Vision of Authentic Individualism


Patricia Kelly