“I have just finished Circle 1.  Surprise!  Surprise!!  I am actually finding it very stimulating.  The prevailing thought that stays with me is on page 26:  ‘Thus, the authentic individual lives within a faith-inspired circle of shared, empowering love and hope.  Hope is the sustaining power inherent in eschatological expectations. It is the essence of the Christian believer.”  (Brendan O'Donnell)

“If you feel at times you are going around in circles trying to relate authentically to God, the world and yourself, I wholeheartedly recommend this meditative study. The section “Wired for Love” reminds us of the necessity to stay in touch with the one who wired us to love - our Creator.”   (Fr Leo Coote)

From Love’s Shining Circle is a very open and powerful reflection on our need to share love, protect life and accept all. Yes, peace harmony and shared love.  I do hope this message goes out.  No one wins a war.”

(Bro Timothy Scott CFC)

"I read chapter 13 "War and Human Discord" with my heart aghast.  The final words of the distraught Irish mother left me on the verge of tears  . . . . . Thank you Patricia for the wonderful writing, amazing research and dedication to detail.  You cannot know how valuable it had been to me!"  (Brendan O'Donnell)

Readers' Comments

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"When reading 'From Love's Shining Circle' I have admired the meticulous attention to detail and the beautiful balance and continuity through the various chapters.


In particular, chapter three "Individualism in History" page 19 refers to Martin  Luther and others who stood in defiance of the then established system.  Also the love and devotion to others and as an example of individualism is exemplified in references to  St Francis of Assisi Chapter 15 'Symphony of Cosmic Harmony'  pages 172/173.


Congratulations Patricia on splendid writing and research.  It has been a privilege to read such an inspiring document.  -   Cliff Butterworth."

From Love's Shining Circle

Towards a Vision of Authentic Individualism


Patricia Kelly